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About Alan Gaveck, MD, PhD

Dr. Alan Gaveck took an interest in transfusion safety while completing significant research on many related subjects for his PhD. As a result he decided to complete his residency in the ER for firsthand clinical exposure to the issue. Improving transfusion safety has been a lifelong passion project.

Dr. Alan Gaveck completed his Doctorate of Medicine and Philosophy at the Medical College of Georgia. There he made lasting relationships which have shaped his career path.

Because blood disorders don’t discriminate, and emergencies are unavoidable, he works tirelessly with world renowned experts in their fields and trusted research entities to continue making necessary advancements. If you are interested in joining the cause, click the button below to send a message.

Changing the Face of Medicine

14.6 million transfusions take place per year in the United States. It’s safe to say that the need for donors isn’t diminishing any time soon. But is everything related to the transfusion and blood collection as safe as it could be? That’s where Dr. Alan Gaveck and his respected cohorts step in.

The U.S. blood supply is relatively safe, so striving to remain a model and world leader is a priority. The result is safe practices and blood supplies as a product of vetted research and standardized clinical safety procedures.

Donate or Volunteer

Blood donations and test subject volunteers are an integral part of Dr. Gaveck and his peers' work. Join in their efforts today!

Innovative Approaches to Research Surrounding Transfusion Safety

“Research on transfusion safety, epidemiology, as well as safe clinical practices are necessary and evolving. Dr. Gaveck leads the charge with other experts in the field, and I’ve been honored to be a small part of the work.”

Brett Vasquez

Research Student

Improving Transfusion Safety is the Mission

Blood disOrders don’t discriminate.

emergencies happen.

access to safe blood supply is critical.